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“Shall we begin?”

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Funny Games (2008), starring Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Michael Pitt, and Brady Corbet, is a sadistic suspense film that will leave you wanting more (or possibly less).

Funny Games

Funny Games

Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet brilliantly portray two perverse, yet irrefutably refined, students spending their summer at a lake getaway. Their gentle charm gives way to a queer feeling of uneasiness as they soon find animosity with Mrs. Farber (Watts). From this early point in the film, a chilling sensation sweeps over the viewer as the agreeableness of the two boys slowly quivers. Their speech and sense of manners will frost you over as their individual personalities (and perhaps, lack of) begin to show through their dispassionate behaviour.

IMDB rates this movie a 6.3/10, and RottenTomatoes a 51/100.

I feel that these ratings are highly unjust. This film can be a great thriller – both psychologically, and also just for the pure “shock” factor. As far as horror/suspense movies go, this one does the job adequately… while offering a peak into the psyche and philosophy of those detached from a sense of humanity. There is definitely an philosophical undertone questioning the value of life, happiness, and entertainment.

I would definitely recommend this film for people who are a fan of actual horror films, and not just the endless amounts of gore and entrails flying across the screen.

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