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Album of the Week (3) – Jahcoozi

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Album of the Week: Week 3

Artist: Jahcoozi
Album: Pure Breed Mongrel
Label: Kitty-Yo
Year: 2005

Jahcoozi - Pure Breed Mongrel

Jahcoozi - Pure Breed Mongrel

Track Listing:

  1. Black Barbie
  2. Changing Time
  3. Ghostbuster Generation
  4. Fish
  5. Who
  6. Ali Mc Bills
  7. Homeboy’s Blender
  8. Dot Com Bust
  9. The Bouncer Who Turned Good
  10. Shake The Doom
  11. Asian Bride Magazine
  12. Heal The World
  13. Acne

This album has some really upbeat songs – Sasha Perera’s vocals are unrivaled, and mixed to perfection. Heal The World, in particular, is a fine exhibit of the technique used throughout the album. The lyrics have an satirical feel to them, criticizing everything from popular culture to government greed. It’s a good album and definitely worth the listen. (In fact, Heal The World is in my ‘Top 25 Most Played’ playlist on iTunes.)

Overall rating: 7.9/10

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