Toxic Crusaders

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Toxic Crusaders

Toxic Crusaders

The Toxic Crusaders was an environmentally-conscious cartoon aimed at children. The main character, Toxie, a chemically transmuted superhero who seeks revenge on environmental polluters with the help of his super-powered mop (who had its own mind) and his crew of misfits.

This movie is hilarious – and worth the five or ten dollars it will cost you. (I found mine at HMV.) The slogans Toxie and his “crusaders” shout are almost expectedly terrible – but the funny kind of terrible.

Also: Check out other Troma Entertainment movies, such as:

  • Cannibal! The Musical
  • Redneck Zombies
  • Surf Nazis Must Die
  • Tromeo and Juliet

These films are very low-budget and will make you cringe. Don’t watch unless you like terrible movies that have cheesy effects and reused scenes. These movies are on the edge of being so bad that you have to see them – just on the edge though, so some of you will hate them. Some of you will lovelike… be able to watch it with the help of a few beers.

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Daniel Dennett – Free Will

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A full-length lecture featuring Dennett on the topic of free will.

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Free “Origin of Species” for University Students!

November 11, 2009 3 comments

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Not so fast… “What’s this? A new introduction?”

This version of the Origin of Species features a 50-page introduction by Ray Comfort – a staunch creationist.

Without intent to spoil the introduction… here is an excerpt from the end of the introduction:

To receive the gift of eternal life, you must repent of your sins (turn from them), and put on the Lord Jesus Christ as you would put on a parachute—trusting in Him alone for your salvation. (Comfort 49)

Copies of Darwin’s Origin of Species is set to be distributed to students at the University of Alberta on November 24, 2009 (and November 19 for schools in the United States).

If you can’t wait until the 24th to get your hands on a copy, you can read it online here: Ray Comfort’s Intro. & Origin of Species PDF.

I would recommend reading Comfort’s introduction – it’s always useful to understand how people think and reason, especially if you do not agree with them. I will let you draw your own conclusions from this material – but I would just like to say that this whole scheme is quite discomforting.

Read more on this at the National Center for Science Education’s website.

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Daniel Dennett – Freedom Evolves Lecture

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Videos are posted in order from Part 1 to Part 6 (top to bottom). Audio is not the best, but the lecture itself is very interesting.

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November 4, 2009 2 comments

Now that I’ve officially changed my major to Philosophy, I’ve come up with a list of courses to take:

200 – Metaphysics
205 – Philosophy of Mind
280 – Philosophy of Art
301 – World Philosophies
343 – Kant to Nietzsche (history of philosophy requirement)
355 – Philosophy of the Environment
366 – Computers and Culture
405 – Topics in Philosophy of Mind
411 – Philosophy of Space and Time

Also, Philosophy of Religion

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Fractal Zooms

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Mandelbrot Zoom

Self-similarity in the Mandelbrot set shown by zooming on a round feature while panning in the negative-X direction. The display center pans from (-1,0) to (-1.31,0) while the view magnifies from .5 x .5 to .12 x .12.

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